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frequently asked questions

How to order parts on
Find the desired product our website, click 'BUY NOW' under item description section and then fill in all the necessary fields in the shopping cart; Write to us on Viber/WhatsApp +37065911104 or email: Call us – our phone numbers are listed in the Contacts section.
What are the terms of payment and delivery?
When you have chosen the product you want, you can place your order and pay for it directly on our website. Goods are delivered within 3-7 working days to our warehouse in Vilnius and then shipped worldwide.
What are the warranty/return rules ?
In order to return the item or apply for warranty we need following information for initial seller:
  1. Proof of fault in photo or video (if possible also include workshop/dealership document).
  2. Description of installment procedure.
  3. Description of fault or malfunction of the product.