Terms and conditions

MB ADG Parts, company code 305738622, address: Žirnių st. 12, Vilnius LT-02119, hereinafter referred to as
The supplier providing services on the website www.adgdalys.lt may be referred to as the website and
the rules that govern the terms, conditions and general procedures of the Website.
Terms and rules determine the contracts concluded on AdgDalys.lt and their provisions.
The rules determine the general terms and conditions of the contracts concluded on the Website and are inseparable from them
part of the contracts.
These Rules do not limit and in no case can be understood as limiting the rights of buyers, which
determined by the legal acts in force in the Republic of Lithuania.
The definitions mentioned in the rules and regulations are:
Supplier - a person who administers the www.adgdalys.lt website and provides other internet services
website related services.
User - a person who visits the adgdalys.lt website, inspects or wants to purchase
goods for sale.
Product - car parts, their accessories and other goods that can be new or used.
Advertisement – a translated Lithuanian advertisement placed on the www.adgdalys.lt website, taken from
foreign websites about car parts or accessories.
The actual seller is the owner and/or seller of the item. The supplier only mediates between the Real goods
between the seller and the User, helping the User to familiarize himself with the offered product, order the product, and pay
the price of the product and delivering the product to the place chosen by the User.
The supplier has the right to unilaterally change any of the services provided by adgdalys.lt and their taxation
Provisions of the rules. If the User continues to use the Online Site after the Rules have been changed, amended or supplemented
website, this will mean the User's acceptance of the changes to the Rules.

,,MB ADG Parts; follows the principle of processing the minimum amount of personal data. But for that
could provide mediation services, it needs to process personal data.
The User can order goods offered on the website www.adgdalys.lt by registering here
website by entering your username and password.
The user registering on the www.adgdalys.lt website in the relevant Intermediary
in the provided information fields, you must specify your goods necessary for the proper fulfillment of the order
personal data: name, surname, exact delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address
address, date of birth and name of the legal entity.
The user confirms that the personal data provided on his website are accurate, complete,
are correct.
By agreeing to these Rules, the user declares that he provides his personal data
www.adgdalys.lt free will and agrees that the data provided by him will be stored and processed electronically
in the www.adgdalys.lt database for 2 (two) years from his last connection to the system.
Personal data is processed in order to properly provide services to Users (provide information about
selling relevant products, ordering a certain product/service, etc.). User data as well
are processed for the purpose of registering it in the website system.

The user, agreeing to have his personal data processed in order to properly provide services
The user also agrees that the e-mail address and phone number provided by him will be
information messages are sent that are necessary to fulfill the order of goods.
The intermediary confirms that the personal data specified by the User will be processed only in this section
for the stated purposes. The intermediary undertakes not to disclose the User's personal data to third parties
persons, except for the Intermediary's partners, who provide delivery of goods or others, with the User's order
services related to proper execution. In all other cases, the User's personal data to third parties
may be disclosed to individuals only in accordance with the procedure provided by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.
The user has the right to familiarize himself with his personal data and how they are processed; to demand
destroy your personal data or stop, except for storage, the processing of your personal data
actions when data is processed in violation of the provisions of the law; do not agree to be further processed by him
personal data. The User submits all requests to the Intermediary related to the User's personal data
protection, must be submitted in writing (including notification by general or customer service department e-mail,
specified in the website contacts).
By agreeing to these Rules, the User confirms that he grants the Broker the right to send
Commercial offers and informational messages of the Intermediary company's services to the user. User
has the right to refuse to receive such offers by notifying the Mediator in the manner specified in the received
in messages and/or offers.

If the User does not agree with the rules and regulations of the website, he is not obliged to place an order.
The Supplier and the User enter into a mutual agreement when, after choosing the desired goods from the website, confirming the order,
after choosing the payment method and specifying where to deliver the goods, the User presses the "Order" button. Agreement with
The user is valid until the order is fully fulfilled.
Before placing an order from the website, the user must familiarize himself with the rules of www.adgdalys.lt,
regulations and requirements, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
The conclusion of the contract includes:
The Product is selected on the website www.adgdalys.lt;
Getting acquainted with information about the selected Product;
The selected Product(s) is loaded into the shopping cart;
The shopping cart is opened, all the data required for the purchase and receipt of the Product are entered, and the indicated steps are performed
It is noted that the rules are accepted by reading them before;
Payment for the Product is made using the chosen payment method, the purchase is completed upon confirmation of the order.
The user has the right to refuse the contract of purchase and sale concluded on the Website by notifying about it
in writing to the Supplier within 7 working days from the date of conclusion of the contract, except in cases where the contract is with the consent of the User
was started before the end of seven working days. In such a case, the Supplier assumes the obligation to place
all possible efforts to return the Product to the Genuine Seller and to return the Product price paid to the User.
In this case, the Supplier's salary is not returned to the User.

The user has the right to buy goods on the www.adgdalys.lt website in accordance with these Rules and other websites of the Intermediary
according to the procedure set out in the information sections of the website.
The user must pay the price of the goods and their delivery, as well as other payments (if such are specified, when making
contract) and accept the ordered goods.
If the data provided in the registration form of the registered User changes, the User must immediately
update them.

The user, using the www.adgdalys.lt website, undertakes to comply with these Rules and other conditions, clearly
indicated on the website, and not to violate the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
The user has the right to demand timely and appropriate sale and delivery of ordered goods, except in cases
provided for in this contract.
A user's use of the website may be restricted, suspended or terminated in an attempt to harm
www.adgdalys.lt website security or non-compliance with obligations.
At any time, the Supplier can suspend the operation of the www.adgdalys.lt website for an indefinite period and has the right not to warn
and not to answer the Users for the losses incurred.
The rules can be changed, corrected, completed at any time, and their update takes effect from the time of publication and
enters into force after the renewal of the rules for contracts concluded.
The user's order can be canceled if the Goods have not been paid for within 3 working days. In this case
The Supplier has the right not to notify the User and to cancel his order.
The Supplier enables the User to use the www.adgdalys.lt website, to buy and purchase Goods. Supplier
cannot guarantee that www.adgdalys.lt will work indefinitely and is not responsible for possible errors in data transmission
years. The Supplier guarantees to transfer the amount of money received from the User to the Seller of the Product, to receive and deliver the Product to the Buyer
to the address specified in his personal account, based on the terms and conditions of delivery.

The order will be delivered to the Vilnius warehouse in approximately 3-7 days. after payment confirmation. Your delivery
to the given address takes extra time and depends on the delivery location.
When the order reaches the Vilnius warehouse, you will be informed by phone or SMS.
The User can pick up the purchased Goods at the Supplier's warehouse on Žirniau Street. 12, Vilnius LT-02119 or you can get them
at the address specified at the time of purchase.
Purchased Goods can be delivered by the Supplier or his representative.
The user is informed that the Products sold on the www.adgdalys.lt website may be
used, and the Supplier is not the manufacturer or owner of the Goods. The supplier plays the role of an intermediary and undertakes to help
choose the desired Product, contact the Product seller and find out all the necessary information about its condition,
deliver the shipment to the address chosen by the User. If the received Product does not match the description provided, the photos or have another
In case of undisclosed defects, the Supplier undertakes to contact the actual seller of the Product and resolve the dispute. The user can also
contact the Supplier to obtain the Seller's contact details. The Supplier helps the User to communicate with the Goods
As a Seller and, if necessary, helps to return defective Goods to the Seller.

The User agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of goods may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Supplier
In all cases, the Supplier is released from responsibility for the violation of the deadlines for the delivery of the goods, if the goods
are not provided to the User or are not provided on time due to the User's fault or due to the User's responsibility
The supplier does not accept retroactive used car parts that match the description and photos, also used
car parts that have become inoperable due to the Buyer's fault.
The User agrees that the Supplier shall be exempted from responsibility for late or non-delivery due to his fault
Each order is executed upon receipt of payment by the method chosen by the User.
The User must pick up the ordered Goods himself. In such cases, when the Goods are available at the address specified in the Buyer's account
is delivered, but they are not picked up by the Buyer himself, the User cannot make claims regarding his delivery of the Goods
to the wrong person.
After receiving the Goods, it is necessary to check the shipment together with the Supplier or his representative. When collecting the Goods, the User must:
to check their condition, quality, quantity, pay attention to whether the package of the package is damaged or whether it was received specifically for him
parcel etc. If the parcel has discrepancies, the User must immediately fill out the Goods Delivery Document or
a free-form act informing about non-conformities of the Goods.
If the user signs the Goods delivery document and does not mention any discrepancies or violations of the Goods, it is considered that
The product was delivered safely and the quality of the package met the User's expectations. In this case, the Supplier becomes exempt from
liability for damage to the Product, if it is not a manufacturing defect.
If the parcel with the goods is not picked up by the User at the specified address, but by another person, it is considered that the Goods have been delivered.
If the User does not receive the purchased Product on the scheduled delivery date, he shall be notified of this within one day at the latest
notify the Supplier. If the non-receipt of the shipment is not notified, the User will no longer have the right to contact the Suppliers for
late delivery or non-receipt of the shipment.
When the User collects the Goods and signs the acceptance - handover document, he owns the Goods from that moment
property rights. In case of product loss or damage, the User is responsible for the received Products.

The supplier is not responsible for the fact that all the Products presented on the website correspond to the ones shown in the photos
size, color or shape due to the display settings used by the User or other possible reasons related to the User
computer features. If the Buyer is interested in more information about the selected Product, it is recommended to contact
consultants working on the website.
The user is informed that the www.adgdalys.lt website sells not only new but also used
components. The User understands that the Supplier does not sell the Goods, is not their owner or manufacturer. There is no supplier
responsible for the characteristics, quality and other parameters of the Goods.
If the Product purchased by the User was damaged due to the effects of natural phenomena, physical, chemical or other harmful action,
if it was not used for its intended purpose or its quality deteriorated in other ways after the delivery of the Product to the User,
The supplier is not responsible for this.
If the Buyer wishes to pick up the purchased Product at the Vilnius warehouse at Žirnių st. 12, Vilnius LT-
02119, after receiving an e-mail or text message to a mobile phone, he must collect the Goods within 7 working days.
If this is not done in time, any complaints about the quality of the Goods will not be considered.

The user is informed that the Products sold on the www.adgdalys.lt website may be
used, and the Supplier is not the manufacturer or owner of the Goods. The supplier acts as an intermediary and undertakes to help
choose the desired Product, contact the Product seller and find out all the necessary information about its condition,
deliver the shipment to the address chosen by the User. If the received Product does not match the description provided, the photos or have another
undisclosed defects, the Supplier undertakes to contact the actual seller of the Product and help the Buyer resolve the dispute. User
may also contact the Supplier to obtain the Seller's contact details. The Supplier helps the User to communicate with
Goods to the Seller and, if necessary, helps to return defective Goods to the Seller.
The purchased product can be returned no later than within 14 days, if the item is damaged or arrived not as it was
ordered, so in order to check whether the part is suitable, you need to consult with our consultants. The user loses
the right to return the Product if the Product description indicated that the product is defective, as well as if the User
had the opportunity to inspect the Product and its condition when picking it up and did not immediately inform the Seller about the observed defects.
The warranty period for restored parts can be up to 4 years depending on the supplier, while
for new parts up to 6 years. The warranty period begins on the day you receive the item. According to EU rules,
the supplier must repair, replace the goods you have purchased, reduce their price or refund your money, if the goods had

defective or does not look or function as advertised. Please note that in which EU countries the seller approx
the defect must be reported no later than within two months of its detection, otherwise you may lose your right to the warranty.
Electrical goods are not guaranteed and these goods cannot be returned (according to the items of the Republic of Lithuania
return and exchange rules).
If the User returns the Product, it must be presented in the original packaging;
The product must be in the same condition as received at the time of delivery. Any failure of it is not justified;
The user must return the Product with the same configuration as received;
The returned Product must not be in its original appearance or with damaged labels. However, this does not apply
for returned low-quality Goods;
During the return, it is necessary to present the documents confirming the purchase of the Product;
If the Buyer wants to return a damaged, used, damaged Product that does not comply with the listed return procedure.

The User can return or exchange the Goods at other Seller's outlets. In case of Product defects and others
for low-quality aspects, it is necessary to submit a written request with clearly identified defects of the Product. Electric
parts, injectors or similar parts require a statement from a normal specialized service proving the goods
If, in the case of returning the Product, a document confirming its purchase is not provided, all with its exchange or return
the actions performed are carried out with the consent of the seller.
If the User is not satisfied with the color, model, shape and similar aspects of the received Product, within 14 days from
on the day of sale of food products, he can replace the Product with an identical Product, if the Seller agrees with this.
The return of goods of suitable quality is possible only by Government Resolution No. 11-06-2001. 697 approved Retail
according to the procedure established by the trade rules. The seller, in accordance with the provisions of clause 16 of these rules, has the right
refuse to accept the used product and return the money for it. If the User wants to return the product and recover the money paid for it
money without any reason, the User must contact the Seller immediately, but no later than within 14 days from
days of receipt of goods. Pursuant to the provisions of Article 6.22811, paragraph 6 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania,
The user bears all costs of returning the Product. The seller acquires the obligation to return the money paid for the Product only after
when the User returns the Product to the Seller. If the User returns the Product to the Seller by sending it by mail, the User
must send the Seller a postal receipt or other document confirming that the Product has been sent to the Seller.
The user is fully responsible for the correctness of the personal data provided by him. If the User does not provide accurate
personal data, the Intermediary is not responsible for the resulting consequences and acquires the right to demand from the User
compensation for direct losses.
The user is responsible for the actions taken while using this online store.
The registered User is responsible for transferring his login data to third parties. If
The services provided by www.adgdalys.lt are used by a third party connected to the website
using the User's login data, the Intermediary considers this person as a User.
The intermediary is released from any responsibility in cases where losses arise because the User,
disregarding the recommendations of the Mediator and his obligations, did not familiarize himself with these Rules,
By warranty rules, although he was given such an opportunity.
If the Intermediary's online store contains links to the websites of other companies, institutions, organizations or individuals,
The intermediary is not responsible for the information or activities carried out there, it does not supervise, control and
does not represent those companies and individuals.
The Intermediary is not responsible for the appropriate relationship between the User and the Intermediary's partners, whose services the Intermediary orders
performance of obligations.
In case of damage, the guilty party compensates the other party only for direct losses.

The intermediary sends all messages to the e-mail address provided by the User during registration.

The user sends all messages and questions in the "Contacts" section of the Intermediary's online store.
specified means of communication.

These rules are drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
Relations arising on the basis of these rules shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
All disagreements arising from the implementation of these rules shall be resolved by negotiation. If no agreement can be reached, disputes are resolved in the Republic of Lithuania
according to the law.
The User and the Intermediary agree that all information provided in the Intermediary's online store
on the website (including, but not limited to, these Rules, information about the Intermediary, offered goods and services
and their properties, the procedure for the implementation of the User's right to refuse the purchase and sale contract) is considered submitted
To the user in writing.
These Rules do not limit the rights of users established in legal acts.

The seller has the right not to accept it.