Ina 544 0090 10 wheel seat belt, crankshaft crankshaft

Lot number: 40461257199
€ 82
Available: 11
Delivery costs to our sorting center : € 3
+370 65911104
Condition: new
Manufacturer parts: ina
Type car: autobusy,cars dostawcze,cars cars
Weight product z packaging unit: 5 kg
Number catalogue parts: 544 0090 10
Numbers catalogues substitutes: asam 55267,wilmink group wg1054799,wilmink group wg1084307,wilmink group wg1088572,wilmink group wg1152604,wilmink group wg1233995,wilmink group wg1254381,wilmink group wg1254405,wilmink group wg1432858,wilmink group wg1432859,wilmink group wg1443122,wilmink group wg1443123,wilmink group wg1701589,wilmink group wg1760769,wilmink group wg1992164,wilmink group wg2006486,wilmink group wg2006679,wilmink group wg2055870,wilmink group wg2098964,wilmink group wg2221728
Number catalogue original: dacia 123030453r,dacia 12 30 304 53r,dacia 123031777r,dacia 12 30 317 77r,dacia 123033245r,dacia 12 30 332 45r,dacia 123036715r,dacia 12 30 367 15r,dacia 8200352613,dacia 82 00 352 613,dacia 8200395313,dacia 82 00 395 313,dacia 8200544135,dacia 82 00 544 135,dacia 8200552236,dacia 82 00 552 236,dacia 8200687605,dacia 82 00 687 605,dacia 8200699517,dacia 82 00 699 517
Srednica outside [mm]: 151,
Szerokosc [mm]: 35,00
Drgania: z tlumikiem drgan skretnych
Number rowkow: 6
Typy referencyjne: wymienialny
Version tecdoc: 2336
Sprawdz, czy part sprzedawana w ofercie rzeczywiscie odpowiada parts, ktorej szukasz. additional info moga byc wymagane, aby upewnic sie, ze wybrana part replacement jest odpowiednia for twojego vehicle: 14

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Ina 544 0090 10 wheel seat belt, crankshaft crankshaft

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